Live Blog: Behind Nick Jonas' Opening Night In "How To Succeed" On Broadway

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Check out our live blog by Cambio's editor who is in New York today for Nick's show. She'll be posting her reactions to the show, plus tweets and messages from other fans in New York, as well as updates from Nick. You can contribute by tweeting with #CambioH2SBway or tweeting @Cambio and letting us know you will be watching the show tonight. Check back frequently to see updates and follow Cambio on Twitter for the latest H2S news today.

Stacy Hinojosa | Cambio

Below is a live blog by Cambio's editor who is in New York today for Nick's opening night. You can contribute by tweeting with #CambioH2SBway or tweeting @Cambio and letting us know you will be watching the show tonight. Check back frequently to see updates and follow Cambio on Twitter for the latest How To Succeed news today.

3:18 AM - Sorry about the long break there. I'm back at my hotel in bed, but have so much to talk about. Will write up a review of the show with more details from the after party as well soon.

9:30 PM - Things are going to be a bit crazy on the press line after the show. I will get you updates as soon as I can, but it might be later in the night. Thanks for reading!

8:49 PM - So far the show has been amazing, and I'm not the only one who thinks so. @amynyc85, @Dublmnttwn1 and @jenfromTHEbloc agree! @lillyfbaby says that she can hear Joe laughing behind her!

8:35 PM Intermission: So much to write and so little time! So, I didn't have time to type this all earlier, but before the show Nick went outside to meet fans (at around 6:15). He autographed things for fans and took pictures for about 20 minutes!

7:11 PM - One more quick update: My new friend @opaige422 is reading the live blog from her fifth row seat. I am right behind her in the sixth row.

7:10 PM - Lights are flashing and the show is about to start. I will blog and tweet you all at intermission!

7:07 PM - I met a fan who came from Brazil to see Nick! When I asked Nick how he felt about having fans travel so far to see him, he was very appreciative. He truly is such a genuine and nice guy! During yesterday's live chat he and Michael thanked everyone involved.

7:00 PM - Wait, where is Lance Bass? Someone introduce me! @loveleighannn and @ktbrew08 saw Lance Bass. @jordanmelton got a photo!

6:45 PM - Nice view! @KaitlinJonasxox and @nicoleflacks took some awesome photos of the billboard!

6:40 PM - John Taylor was sweet enough to post with @fanstostars. I bet she is an Ocean Grove fan!

6:19 PM - If all these photos aren't enough, you can check out our video of Nick at his Billboard unveiling. And I'm still going to try to get you more photos!

5:32 PM - Nick is meeting fans at the stage door! @briannaabananas, @ItsNikkiJacket, @kaclovesjonas, @allymoran and @kayyx3JB all met him.

5:12 PM - John Taylor just confirmed that he is going to the show tonight. With all the Jonas family and friends going, it is a wonder that there are any seats for the rest of us!

5:00 PM - @briannaabananas is already at the stage door. Devotion like that deserves an autograph and a hug! What would you say to Nick if you met him?

4:57 PM - @ryanferreira took an awesome shot of his ticket, playbill and the billboard. That memory will last a lifetime!

4:36 PM - I'm at the theatre! Check out my photo in the gallery below. I'm ready to have my socks knocked off tonight, especially after seeing Nick and Michael Urie in the live chat yesterday. They are hilarious together!

4:26 PM - I am hearing Twitter reports of John Taylor sightings from @xotaylor_x and @iiNiccole. They say he is going to the show tonight too!

4:16 PM - @amynyc85 is seeing the show with 3 friends she met because of the Jonas Brothers. How many of you met friends the same way?

4:15 PM - @FanstoStars is getting psyched by listening to Nick Jonas with her mom. Wonder what album she is listening to...

4:00 PM - Looks like we aren't the only ones in awe of Nick's new billboard! Denise Jonas just tweeted a pic of it too! She must be so proud!

3:15 PM - It's chilly here! I could use a hot tea... Which reminds me of a fun fact. During yesterday's live chat, Nick was drinking peppermint tea. So cozy!

3:00 PM - Kevin and Joe both tweeted photos in support of Nick! Who has the better Finch dogs - Joe Jonas or Kevin Jonas? Check out photos in the gallery below.

2:25 PM - Apparently @dcedillo already has her playbill! Jealous!!! Check out her photos below in our gallery.

2:15 PM - Checking my Twitter and found out that Big Rob is coming tonight!

2:00 PM - After such a busy day yesterday, it was nice to relax, walk around the city and grab some pastries and take some pictures. Back at my hotel now to grab my laptop and now I'm heading uptown towards the theater. Getting close!

12:00 PM - Looks like I'm not the only one who is excited! Nick just tweeted that it is opening night. Do you think he gets butterflies still?

11:09 AM - Hi everyone, thought I would live blog everything I am doing today leading up to seeing Nick Jonas on his opening night in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. Yesterday was a busy one in Manhattan as I had to wake up extra early to go on a video shoot in Times Square where Nick and the entire Jonas family came out to see his billboard unveiling. It was raining and freezing, but everyone dressed warmly and was thrilled to be there.

I stopped by the actual theater too and snapped the photo on this page. Then it was off to "a secret location" as Nick called it, where we went live with Nick and his costar Michael Urie. I went and got some dinner at my favorite place in New York last night, Serendipity 3, and then came back to the hotel and crashed. Now I'm heading out for the day to get ready for the busy opening tonight. I'll try to update the blog as much as I can. I'll also be tweeting from my personal account so follow me here.

Don't miss our live chat with Nick and Michael. You can watch the entire chat online here.



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