Selena Gomez Options 'The Sky Is Everywhere' for Movie Deal

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selena gomez
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Selena Gomez is taking on a new project with her production company July Moon. The entrepreneurial singer/actress has optioned the Jandy Nelson novel 'The Sky Is Everywhere' to be made into a feature film.

According to Deadline, Sel will star as the main character of the book, a bookworm and band geek named Lennie Walker. The 17-year-old lives in the shadow of her outgoing older sister, Bailey, who suddenly dies.

In the wake of her death, Lennie not only has to take care of herself and deal with her own sense of loss, but she's also left to look over Bailey's grieving boyfriend and a musically talented transplant from Paris.

Selena's is set to star in the upcoming 'Spring Breakers,' which she talked about in our exclusive interview during her recent UNICEF benefit concert. The 19-year-old is currently taking a break from music, to focus on acting, which she says is her "passion."

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