Selena Gomez and Big Time Rush Perform for UNICEF Concert

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Cambio was invited to talk to Selena Gomez, Big Time Rush and Noah Guthrie about a very special cause close their hearts: UNICEF. Selena took some time to tell Cambio what UNICEF means to her after performing at House of Blues for a UNICEF event. Selena started with UNICEF in 2009, and their partnership worked so well that she became their ambassador, working with them around the world.

Working with UNICEF humbled Selena, and she hopes that it helps her encourage her fans to give too. Along with encouraging fans, Selena thought her concert would be an opportune time to reunite with some close friends. Big Time Rush has known Selena for a long time and wanted to support her at the event. Selena also wanted the world to hear her opening act, Noah Guthrie, whose voice she describes as "velvet". Both acts are hugely supportive of Selena and UNICEF.

Selena also revealed that working with UNICEF in other countries has really opened her eyes. Though her job involves a lot of superficial aspects (like hair and makeup), she is inspired by the children she sees in other countries.

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