Exclusive: One Direction Reveal Valentines Day Crushes On Kim Kardashian, Miranda Cosgrove

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When One Direction was in Los Angeles filming an episode of iCarly, hundreds of fans greeted them at the airport and showed up to greet them outside their hotel. Luckily, Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn were able to find some alone time in a nearby parking lot to answer our questions about their Valentine's Day plans. They even answered the question every girl wants to know, do they have Valentines this year and, if not, who are their dreams Valentines?

With Valentines Day just ten days away, we thought we'd count down to the day with 1D. All next week we'll be revealing more Valentines secrets from the guys. This year, One Direction is spending Valentines Day in the city of love, Paris. The band will be visiting French fans this February 14th.

Niall said that he does not have a Valentine this year, but after filming with the iCarly cast, his dream Valentine is Miranda Cosgrove. Liam didn't say whether or not he has a Valentine, but his dream Valentine is Kim Kardashian. Zayn wanted to maintain an air of mystery and said, "Maybe I have a Valentine, maybe I don't." Harry revealed that his perfect Valentine is one of the other members of the band... Louis! "Looks like my Valentine is Harry, I don't have a choice," said Louis. Maybe the two can grab dinner near the Eiffel Tower on the 14th.

One Direction's iCarly episode, 'iGot Jungle Worms,' premieres later this year. The band's single, "What Makes You Beautiful" will be available digitally in the US on February 14th and their debut album Up All Night hits stores on March 13th. And remember to check back next week for more videos and a 1D V-Day giveaway!

Want to know more about the band? Check out their official website here. We happen to be a little obsessed with their kissing booth on Facebook. We might have to make a photo gallery.

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