Meet VanJess

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The talented up-and-coming YouTube duo VanJess stopped by Cambio to answer your Twitter questions. The sisters, Ivana and Jessica, are known for their fun-loving covers of songs by artists like Drake and Rihanna and most recently covered J Cole's "Workout."

The sisterly pair let us in on their unique fashion sense and where they would like to travel most.

"I really want to go to the UK. I love doing a fake British accent," said Jessica.

"South Korea, because their fashion is awesome. We both love fashion" said Ivana.

Ivana and Jessica also chatted about their musical inspirations and what keeps them motivated. Jessica is currently rocking out to an array of artists like Frank Ocean, Adele and Rihanna on her iPod.

"We just love singing and we love performing so I don't think we will ever not do it. It's just something that's always going to be inside of us," said Jessica.

The duo chose to answer some questions from their Twitter followers about their favorite types of pizza and what they would do if they had one day to live.

"I just like pizza," said Ivana.

"I always have to have onions, and obviously pop in a mint after," said Jessica.

Even though they disagree on choice of pizza, they would do the same exact thing if they had one day to live: skydiving!

With their talent and creative flair, it can be said that the sky is the limit for this duo.

Check them out on Twitter and on their YouTube channel.

-Hailey K. Andrews

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