Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Dance Moves in New 2012 Grammy Promo (Video)

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nicki minaj
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The Recording Academy

Nicki Minaj recently snapped a promo pic with Grammy host LL Cool J, and now the two rappers are starring in a new TV spot together in which the 'Super Bass' singer shows off her best moves.

Dressed in a red fringe top, LL begins to beatbox much like he did with Taylor Swift in his promo spot with her. Nicki feels the rhythm and starts saying, "Hey, hey," but instead of an impressive freestyle, she only utters a few important words.

In the end, she tells LL Cool J that he needed to speed things up a little. Still, Nicki continues to show the world that she dances to the beat of her own drum.

Check out the new Grammy spot below, and watch the event on Sunday, February 12 at 8PM ET on CBS.

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