JWoww's Valentine Advice: Part Two

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JWoww is back with more love advice (check out part one of her advice here). If you want your ex back, JWoww wants you to think about why. She has gotten back together with exes many times only to find out that they still are annoying. However, JWoww does have a tip for how to get your ex back if you really are sure. What is it? Ignore him. Based on personal experience, JWoww guarantees that ignoring the one you love will have him running after you.

When it comes to crushes, the best thing to do is NOT ask them on a date on Valentine's Day. The pressure of the day could make it a disaster. Instead, if you have a crush, ask him out a few weeks before Valentine's Day. If you build up to the romantic day, you should have a great date. JWoww's parting advice for all you single guys and girls out there is to enjoy yourself and just have a fun night out.

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