Celebrities Reveal their Valentine's Day Memories

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Cambio favorites JoJo, Miranda Cosgrove, Cassadee Pope, Hot Chelle Rae, One Direction, The Wanted and Jennette McCurdy recently shared some of their favorite Valentine memories with us. From their first childhood sweethearts to the most romantic things they've had a sweetie do for them, these celebs revealed all their mushiest memories to us.

When it comes to first loves, JoJo recalls her kindergarten Valentine, Anthony, who had a stylish mushroom haircut. Cassadee's first Valentine was in middle school and Miranda Cosgrove swore undying love to a young 5th grader named Curtis Philips. Hot Chelle Rae's lead singer Ryan remembers that his first valentine was called Lindsay Lane, which Cady Groves is convinced is a made-up name.

One Direction's Zayne talks about how his mystery valentine at school accidentally wrote her name, then whited it out. Find out which member of 1D has a Valentine's crush on Miranda. Today is an extra special day for the boys as their single, What Makes You Beautiful is available on iTunes today.

When it comes to sending Valentines, The Wanted boys like to send each other cards so no one feels left out, although Siva showed off his romantic side by also suggesting sending chocolates. As far as big romantic gestures, our stars had some stories. JoJo had a song written for her, Miranda's 9th-grade boyfriend flew across the country to see her and Cassadee travelled half-way across the world to surprise her boyfriend. The Wanted boys are also generous when it came to Valentine's gifts. Max bought someone a puppy once and Jay wrote a love song.

Sometimes romance is not in the air, as Hot Chelle Rae's Ryan found out when he received a text asking him to stop texting! Well Cambio fans, Valentine's Day is all about romantic dreams and iCarly's Jennette McCurdy is all about Valentine wishes. In 2011 she met Johnny Depp who called her darling on the red carpet, and this year she hopes he follows up with a card. Here's to your Valentine Dreams, Jennette!

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