The Junket: 'Gone' With Amanda Seyfried

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We sat down with Amanda Seyfried to talk about her new movie Gone, whether she would ever go hiking in the woods alone, if she would be brave enough to track down a killer and what she thinks about being a part of a new genre in movies known as "The Forest Genre" We sat down with Gone star, Amanda Seyfried not too long ago to talk about her new thriller, in which she plays a normal girl named Jill who becomes convinced her sister Molly has been abducted by a killer and taken into a national forest in Oregon. For reasons we won't divulge, the police don't believe her so instead, Amanda's character sets off on a crazy mission to find the killer herself.

She spends a decent amount of time in the movie "alone" in the woods, so we asked her if she ever went hiking alone to prepare for the role. Her response, "No! Are you crazy?"

"I would drive an hour to go to Multnomah Falls where I would hike with my family and friends, whoever came to visit me," she told us. "People were always coming to visit on weekends because Portland was so beautiful."

There was also a certain four-legged someone who enjoyed the city, Amanda's adorable Australian Shepherd, Finn, who our interviewer made sure to ask about.

"Finn was there so we hiked all the time," she said. "He had a daycare that he went to they were so good to him, it's such a dog-friendly city."

We couldn't help but notice this film falls into an emerging movie trend we're calling the forest genre, which includes films like Twilight, The Hunger Games, Red Riding Hood (starring Amanda as well) and Snow White and the Huntsman.

"The forest adds so much life and so much intensity to any story because it's so alive," she said. "There's so many possibilities in the forest and I think it's beautiful and yet, so spooky. So I get it. I love that setting, I think it's so amazing."


Gone hits theaters on Feb 24. Watch the trailer here.


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