Gone Red Carpet With Amanda Seyfried, Wes Bentley, Jackson Rathbone and Dayo Okeniyi

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Last night Cambio attended the premiere for the upcoming thriller movie Gone starring Amanda Seyfried and Wes Bentley. The excitement on the carpet was electric, and who can blame them! We love a movie that will play with our imagination and have a big twist in the end. Besides, who doesn't love a good scary movie?

Well, apparently Amanda and the rest of the cast loves them. We asked the stars of the film why people love to be scared and Wes Bentley thinks, "Well it's adrenaline... We're always looking for an adrenaline rush. It's why we get in trouble!" Amanda has been a fan of psychological thrillers from a young age, telling us, "I was obsessed with Double Jeopardy growing up." But Jackson Rathbone prefers a scary movie for a different reason, "It's always fun to go on a date and have the girl grab onto your arm."

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In the movie, Amanda's character goes on a dangerous hunt to save her sister who was recently abducted from her own house. We asked the stars on the carpet the bravest things they have done for their family, and we had no idea there would be so many heroes in the cast! Watch the video to hear the brave things our stars told only us about.

- Paige Mueller

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