Emma Watson Defines Success as Being Able to Cook and Do Her Own Laundry

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emma watson
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Emma Watson may be an international star, but the 21-year-old actress' idea of success is being able to tackle everyday tasks like washing her own clothes and cooking.

Thanks to the 'Harry Potter' films, Emma has enjoyed worldwide success, which can sometimes be overwhelming. So, the British fashionista works hard at keeping her life as down-to-earth as possible.

"Doing the 'Potters' was such a bubble and then having to figure out how to function in the real world has been a challenge," she said, according to the Daily Mail.

She added, "But it's been the small successes for me. I know how to use a washing machine. I can cook. It's worth it for me not to feel disconnected from everything, feeling like I'm in touch with people who do other things than acting or being in the entertainment industry."

To keep things relatively normal, Emma is attending school just like other people her age, transferring from Brown University in The States to Oxford University in the UK.

"I think humor has been a help," she said in an interview with the Independent. "I have school friends, a group of people around me, who have carried me through this whole experience ... I don't know -- it is mad, and some days I feel a bit mad, but it's the balance that keeps me sane."

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