Exclusive: In Bed with The Wanted

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Those cheeky Brit Boys, The Wanted, invited us to an intimate setting...their King size bed in their Los Angeles hotel room. Tom, Siva, Jay, Max and Nathan told us their favorite parts about touring. "I think it's getting in front of the fans at gigs and them singing every word back," said Jay.

The band also talked to us about traveling and the first thing they like to do in a new city.

"I like to go to the pub and experience local beer," Tom said.

"I genuinely think that when you travel if you hit bars in those cities, you've experienced it more than if you just go to your hotel," Jay said.

The guys also told us some of the most memorable cities that they have visited. Tom said that he enjoyed their stay in Denver, Jay loves New York, Nathan thought Boston was cool and Max thinks Los Angeles is "hot." According to Max, Los Angeles is home to "the greatest place on earth," Saddle Ranch.

Even though they love touring and traveling to new places, they still miss things about home, like a good English breakfast.

Their must haves on the road include laptops and iPhones. When we were talking about their "must haves," the guys called Siva out! He tried to fool us with his accent and said "mustard" instead of "must have." Siva, the funny man, likes to replace words with sound a likes during interviews. "In his world, that is hilarious," Jay said. "He wanted no one to comment and later on he would have cried laughing."

Watch out for future interviews with The Wanted! We had so much fun hanging out with the band during their trip to Los Angeles and definitely want to see them again when they are back in town.

- Tiffany Taylor

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