Taylor Swift Gets Prom Invite From Teen Battling Leukemia

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UPDATE: Taylor Swift has accepted Kevin McGuire's date invitation.

Eighteen-year-old Kevin McGuire is battling leukemia for the second time, and as his senior prom approaches, he only wants to take one girl -- Taylor Swift.

With the support of more than 90,000 fans on the "Taylor Swift Take Kevin McGuire to Prom!" Facebook page, which Kevin's sister put up just three days ago, the New Jersey high school student is hoping the country star hears his plea.

"Nothing, and I mean nothing, brightens Kevin's day more than Taylor Swift," big sis Victoria McGuire wrote on the Facebook event page. "Kevin deserves more than anyone else a special event in his life and the one thing he wants is to go to prom with Taylor Swift!"

"The community has been very supportive of me," Kevin told USA Today. The Stratford High school student battled leukemia at age 13, and seemed to have beaten the illness three years later, but was recently diagnosed once again.

Kevin is currently hospitalized, and so far, Taylor has yet to respond to the invitation. The prom is set for June 1, which is also Kevin's birthday.

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