Nick Jonas Is A Smash On 'Smash' According To The Ratings

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Yesterday we talked to Megan Hilty, who gushed over this week's guest star on Smash, Nick Jonas. And it would appear that plenty of other fans of Nick's tuned in to see his performance on Monday night's episode, 'The Cost of Art' -- ratings were up from last week's 6.5 million viewers to last night's 6.9 million.

Nick played Lyle, a former teen TV star who Anjelica Huston's character wants to invest in the stage production of Marilyn, with Ivy Lynn (Hilty) playing the title role... after beating out Katharine McPhee's Karen character for the coveted role.

We talked to Nick today after his episode to ask him if, like Katharine McPhee's character in the show, there were any parts he didn't get after auditioning.

"There were a lot of auditions growing up that I auditioned for that I didn't get it," he told us. "But that's a part of the whole process and what helps you grow."

We also wanted to know if he was intimidated during his scenes with Anjelica. Not only is she a Hollywood legend, but if you've ever seen The Witches, you might also be a little frightened to work with her.


"It was very intimidating doing scenes with Anjelica but she is an incredible actress and during that short time, I learned so much from her."

What did you think of Nick's character on the show? We'd like to see him come back and do a scene with Katharine. Nick agrees! He tweeted, "Wish we could have had a scene together. Maybe next time?"

We're planning on it. How about you? Will you keep watching Smash with or without Nick?

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