Taylor Swift Talks About How Dr. Seuss Inspired Her To Write Music as a Kid

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We chatted with Taylor Swift at Dr. Seuss' The Lorax junket and the country beauty gave us the scoop on why she chose to star in the movie and why she felt "crazy" during recording sessions for her character, Audrey.

Swift spilled that she wanted to do the movie because it was Dr. Seuss, who inspired her to write music.

"I became obsessed with poetry after I discovered Dr. Seuss's books. And that later turned into writing songs which has then turned my life into something really fun," said Swift.

The all-star cast also had a lot to do with Taylor's interest in doing the film.

"There's such an amazing cast in this movie. Zac's in it, Ed Helms, Betty White and so many people that I really admire. They've all come together in this cast to voice these characters."

Taylor also revealed the recording process for her character and that she felt "crazy" at one point.

"You're imagining how she talks, how she thinks, how she responds," said Swift. "They'll be like we need a response, we need ad libs, we need you to scream, we need you to act surprised. And you're just making sounds and you feel crazy. But that's when you separate yourself from the character per say."

The Lorax hits theaters March 2nd. Click here to visit the film's website.

-Hailey Andrews

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