Mindless Behavior Live Chat Behind-The-Scenes

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Ray Ray, Roc Royal, Prodigy and Princeton from Mindless Behavior visited our studio on Wednesday for a live chat and a photo shoot. Showing off some amazing Dr. Martens boots and accessories, the guys posed for individual and group photos before starting the chat with their fans.

During the chat they talked about everything from what their plans for the future are, what they would do if they weren't involved in music, where their favorite fans are from (London), who they have celeb crushes on (Rihanna) and who they want to go on tour with (Chris Brown and Drake).

When asked who they look up to for their style, answers ranged from Chris Brown and Usher to Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel.

Check out their style and some behind-the-scenes shots from their visit in the gallerybelow. To watch the full chat, click here.

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