Exclusive: Rob Riggle and Spencer Boldman Talk About Working With Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum on '21 Jump Street'

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We caught up Rob Riggle and Spencer Boldman from the upcoming movie 21 Jump Street, a comedy movie from the TV series about two underachieving police officers, played by Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, who are sent back to high school undercover to bust a drug ring.

"It's a very funny movie," said Riggle. "We had a blast shooting it."

"Working with Jonah, improving with Jonah and Chris, it's going to end up interesting," said Boldman.

Boldman plays French Samuels in the movie, who is the rival of Hills' character competing for the lead role of the school's play. Boldman describes Samuels as the "Zac Efron" of the school.

"I am kind of the Jonas rival in part of the movie," said Boldman. "You're going to have to see how it ends up."

Boldman gained new acting skills while filming the movie.

"When we weren't filming my scenes I would just watch Channing, Jonah, Chris and Ellie and all of them film, and that's where you learn," he said. "It's the best acting class, I mean, you learn from the best."

21 Jump Street opens in theaters on March 16.

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