The News According To Everyone Else: Snooki Has a Little Meatball In The Oven (Is Pregnant)

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Even though Snooki dismissed recent pregnancy rumors, even going as far as to shoot them down on live TV when asked by Bravo's Andy Cohen during Watch What Happens Live (while also abstaining from alcohol), numerous reports surfaced this week that Nicole Polizzi does indeed have a tiny meatball in the oven.

Photos like the one on the left of Snooki wearing a loose-fitting top, snapped on Thursday in Jersey City, New Jersey, do not help quiet the rumors.

The reality star, who hasn't tweeted very much since February 26th, has yet to comment publicly on her rumored "situation." But with so many large outlets reporting the rumors as fact, her unwillingness to shoot them down, even just with a simple tweet, is raising suspicion. If the rumors are true, we're really happy for her! Secretly, we're hoping she'll do a news segment like the one below to announce the joyous news.

What do you think, is Snookers really with child? Take the poll below the video and let us know what you think in the comments.

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