Exclusive: Behind-The-Scenes of Big Time Rush's 'Big Time Movie' Photo Shoot

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Big Time Rush fans should be super excited right now. Not only did we premiere a clip from their upcoming Big Time Movie recently, but we also managed to score an exclusive visit to the set of their photo shoot for the film.

Always welcoming, Kendall, Logan, Carlos and James hung out with us in between takes to give us the lowdown on the movie. It's basically James Bond meets Austin Powers... Logan seems to have perfected his Austin Powers impressions. Logan just loved that he was basically playing a version of James Bond, especially as he has watched ALL the movies.

They also got to do their own stunts and had the help of the actual stunt coordinator for Inception. Kendall got his swagger on as he drove around in an Aston Martin, but he did let us in on a little secret -- he can't drive stick shift.

Big Time Movie premieres on Nickelodeon on March 10. The soundtrack is available for pre-order here.

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