Blog: 5 Reasons We Love Revenge!

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If you're not already watching ABC's primetime soapy-drama Revenge, then you're totally missing out! Revenge centers around a young woman named Emily Thorne – once known as Amanda Clarke -- who returns to her childhood home in the Hamptons with a mission to destroy the fabulously powerful & wealthy Grayson family, and anyone else who ruined her late father's life (he was framed for a horrible crime he didn't commit).

Revenge is campy, over the top and best of all filled with unexpected twists and turns. The hardest part about being a fan of the thriller is waiting for the next episode to air! But if you still not convinced Revenge is for you, then check out five more reasons to tune in!

#5: The Graysons
Like any good soap, Revenge is filled with super wealthy and ultra-attractive characters that will do anything to get ahead. At the helm of this show are Conrad and Victoria Grayson who have been lying and scheming to friends, colleagues and each other for years. The toxic couple has plenty of skeletons in their closet, but their take no prisoners' attitude towards protecting their elite social status and their two kids – Daniel and Charlotte -- is what has us hooked.

#4 Dirty Secrets
Behind every smile lies a deep dark secret – from the truth about Charlotte Grayson's biological father to Emily Thorne's real identity. Every character (including social climber Ashley Davenport) has an ulterior motive and trying to figure out the truth is half of what makes the show so addicting.

#3: Cute Guys!
Sure the ladies of Revenge are all gorgeous, but let's not forget about the guys! Actors Nick Wechsler, Gabriel Mann, Josh Bowman and Conor Paolo are incredibly easy on the eyes, so while the show's high-drama should be enough to draw you in, the men of Revenge are a pretty sweet bonus!

#2 The Setting
The mansions, the parties and those picturesque ocean views, there's nothing like the Hamptons in the summer, which is why it makes an interesting setting for the series. And even though the show isn't actually filmed in the Hamptons (another dirty little secret), using this exclusive beachfront community as the backdrop for all the delicious drama is a twist we Hampton-lovers enjoy.

#1: Emily VanCamp
Strong female characters take center stage on Revenge, but no one is tougher than Emily Thorne (played by VanCamp). While she might look all sweet and innocent, don't be fooled. This leading lady knows how to pack a punch and break a heart – or two. She'll stop at nothing to take down the people who destroyed her father, even if it means hurting herself. Despite the fact that Emily can be just as devious as one of the bad guys, it's almost impossible not to root for her.

Revenge airs on Wednesday nights at 10pm EST on ABC. So run to your TV and check it out!

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