Lady Gaga Offers Early Access to Little Monsters Site

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lady gaga
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Although Lady Gaga's Little Monsters website has yet to officially launch, the pop star is now giving fans early access to a beta version of the social site.

Those who signed up at when it was first announced have been given access links to sign up for the site. However, Gaga's people are still "building, creating, and designing a place that's as individual as you are," so it is not widely available to everyone just yet.

The site is all about building a sense of community, which is echoed in an welcome email users receive after registering. It reads: "Without you, the little monster family wouldn't exist. This community is all yours. So express yourself, share what it means to you to be a little monster, and do it with pride."

The email continues to encourage "a safe and accepting space for everyone," and emphasizes sharing, support, tolerance, respect, originality and more. Are you excited about Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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