Anti-Bullying Blog: Women in the World Conference With Chelsea Clinton

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This past Saturday, March 10th, I had the opportunity to speak at Newsweek and The Daily Beast's annual Women in the World Conference at Lincoln Center in New York City.

The digital activism panel that I was a part of was titled "The Digital Lives of Girls" and was moderated by Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

Chelsea Clinton has researched the effects of media on the development of young people while studying at Stanford University. She is also a board member at Common Sense Media and on wrote on her Facebook page, "I am really looking forward to speaking with all of them about the incredible work they are each doing, harnessing digital technology to tackle issues important to them and to stand up for girls everywhere."

In addition to highlighting my work with, the other panelists included well-known feminists Shelby Knox, the director of women's rights organizing for, and Julie Zeilinger, the 18-year-old founder of The F Bomb, as well as Crystal Ogar, an activist and blogger with the SPARK Summit -which protests the over-sexualization of girls and women in media, and Noorjahan Akbar, the cofounder of Young Women for Change, which empowers women across Afghanistan through social media. According to Akbar, social media must be harnessed in the correct way.

The main thing that I learned from being part of such an incredible panel was that using the Internet is all about personal approach. For instance, deciding who you follow on Twitter, friend on Facebook, and reblog on Tumblr are all choices that belong exclusively to you. If you decide to focus on the positive aspects of the Internet, such as banning together with those equally as passionate as you in regards to whatever topic pulls at your heart strings, you are such to be use the Internet to its full potential.

If you would like to watch "The Digital Lives of Girls" panel, you can watch it here.

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