JWoww's Relationship Is Solid (We Think) But The Same Can't Be Said For Ron and Sammi

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Doesn't it seem like the Jersey Shore gang's days in the shore house might be numbered? With spin-off shows from JWoww and Snooki and another with Pauly D in the works... not to mention Snooki's pregnancy and engagement to Jionni (hello, that could be a spin off show right there, and one that we would so totally watch), it just doesn't seem like they're destined for another season.

We're also hearing that Ronnie and Sammi have broken up (yes, again) and Ronnie's sealed the deal this time by moving across the country to Los Angeles. Luckily, most of the Jersey Shore cast members have made a decent chunk of change from their appearance on the show, not to mention their side projects. Watch the video below to see Jenni discuss her many business ventures beyond MTV.

Meanwhile, JWoww and Roger are still going strong and she talks about the secrets behind their great relationship in the video below (although, this video was shot a couple months ago, so who knows). What do you think of JWoww's products? What about her and Roger's relationship? Let us know in the comments below.

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