Spring Fling: My Favorite Spring Style Trends

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Hi everyone! Are you loving all the spring trends this year as much as I am? There are so many good ones, from peplum to bright denim to pleats and more! Frankly I love them all. I wanted to pick just one of my favorites to talk about in this blog, but I couldn't decide so instead I'm going to talk about two! :)

Tied for the top spot on my list of favorite spring styles are pastels and maxi skirts. I am completely in love with both of these looks right now. They're both super feminine and fun, not to mention really, really wearable.

The number of ways that you can incorporate pastels into your spring wardrobe is pretty much endless. You can take a bold approach and wear solid pastel tops or bottoms, OR you can take a more subtle approach to the trend and work the colors in through your nails and/or accessories. I am especially loving the pale pink and purple shades.

Maxi skirts (and maxi dresses!) are my other favorite look right now. I've always been a big fan of this style and like experimenting with all the different ways that you can style them depending on the time of year and what's trending. Right now I think the pleated look is super cute.

What are your favorite styles this spring? Let me know in the comments!

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