Cambio Style DIY Decor: Crayon Painting

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Spruce up your space for spring with this super easy, budget friendly DIY decor project! All you need is a canvas, a glue gun, a cluster of your favorite color crayons, and a hair drier to create a vibrant three-dimensional piece for you pad. Protect your work space by placing some newspaper below your canvas. After selecting your favorite colors – we experimented with a rainbow of bold shades but you could do an ombre of dark-to-light with your favorite hue – hot glue the crayons on the canvas. When the crayons are cooled and won't budge, blast a hair drier on high heat to melt the colored wax. You can aim the drier on top of the crayons or work in sections. We also experimented with using the drier to drive the melting colors around the canvas, achieving a psychedelic tie-dyed effect.

If you're really artistically inclined, here are some other ideas to add to your piece:

- use painter's or masking tape to make designs on your clean canvas before you start. Peel away the tape after you melt and cool the crayons, revealing bare, white designs.

- Paint your canvas a solid shade of a dark hue, such as navy or black, then melt the crayons as above. Later, take a fine point to carve away the wax, or prep the canvas with tape as above.

Happy crafting!

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