'Glee' Spoilers: The Who's 'Tommy' and Whitney Houston Tribute Episodes

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'Glee' has a lot of fun upcoming episodes - read on for details about the Whitney Houston tribute episode and the possibility of the show tackling The Who's 'Tommy.'

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'Glee' has a lot of fun upcoming episodes, so read on for details about the Whitney Houston tribute episode and the possibility of the show tackling The Who's 'Tommy.'

The 'Glee' Whitney Houston tribute episode (season 3, episode 17) will air on April 24 and will include eight Whitney songs, according to MJ's Big Blog.

Right now, details are sketchy, as there is no episode title, director or script writer info yet, nor is there a song list released.

Earlier in the month, when the tribute show was announced, E! Online reported that a source promised the episode "will not be a typical tribute.." and that, "unlike the show's Madonna and Michael Jackson episodes, the Whitney tribute is more of a "character piece" that focuses on Glee's graduating seniors having a real hard time letting go."

Lea Michele had tweeted at the time, "Starting a new episode today. A very special tribute to one of the world's most amazing singers. Very excited about this one."

Opinions on the Whitney tribute show are mixed, as the Michael Jackson episode wasn't all it promised to be.

MJ's Big Blog does include some Twitter hints that could reveal some spoilers for the Whitney episode, including kittens (!), a Rachel and Santana duet, and a big love song that Kurt sings for Blaine. Also, Rachel will sing with Kurt, Mercedes and Santana, with Lea tweeting they looked "very glamorous and grown up."

In other 'Glee' news, buzz is building that creator Ryan Murphy is planning to do an episode dedicated to The Who's rock opera 'Tommy.'

The Chicago Tribune reports that Who members Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey are in talks to appear on the episode as well.

For Glee's target audience, you would think 'Tommy,' would be lost on them... then again, maybe they'll bring the rock opera back!

What do you think of the 'Glee' Whitney Houston and 'Tommy' episodes? Anyone else wishing 'Glee' would get back to its roots?


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