Jennifer Lawrence on Chelsea Lately with Chelsea Handler (VIDEO)

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Check out Jennifer Lawrence in this Chelsea Lately video clip - Jennifer and Chelsea Handler have some fun!


Check out Jennifer Lawrence in this 'Chelsea Lately' video clip - Jennifer and Chelsea Handler have some fun!

It's a slight departure from Jennifer's other 'Hunger Games' press interviews, because it is Chelsea Handler after all. That woman runs an interview like no other.

Chelsea asked about Jennifer's archery training for the film, wondering how she first did it without hitting someone.

Jennifer said, "it does hurt" because "you get whipped a lot."

Conversation quickly turned to the ladies peeing their pants, although for different reasons.

Jennifer pointed out that Chelsea pees her pants when she laughs too hard, where Jennifer's is completely related to being nervous or scared.

For instance, she said she had to pee so much before her interview with Chelsea, that the Chelsea Lately staff probably thought she had diarrhea!

She wanted to clear up that it was nerves, but Handler puts her at ease by saying, "My staff smells like diarrhea." Nice.

Jennifer said it's just "tiny little bits," while Chelsea opens up the flood gates. Jennifer has some exercise tips to share as well ... wow, this interview went south fast, didn't it?

Lawrence does note that the discussion might not be going over too well with her publicist, as she shares, "My publicist is going crazy right now."

Her parents were backstage too!

Chelsea asks if Jennifer's brothers care that she's famous and she says "They don't care... they just keep telling me I'm ugly." Ah, brothers.

There's also some story that Jennifer has to tell about being recognized, but the story never quite comes out because Chelsea can't pull it together.

Did you know Jennifer asked Jodie Foster for advice about taking the role in The Hunger Games? Turns out Jodie never called her back.

Overall, she says she's really happy with the 'The Hunger Games' movie - have you seen it yet?


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