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Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie returned to the small screen recently, with the
premiere of Fashion Star – NBC's response to Project Runway, where 14 unknown designers
battle it out for a chance to have their creations bought, produced and sold at Macy's, H&M
and Saks Fifth Avenue.

While many of us may fondly remember the days when Simpson and Richie first goofed
their way onto the reality scene, (Jessica Simpson on 'Newlyweds' and Nicole Richie
on 'The Simple Life') they've come a long way since then. Today both ladies are bonafide
fashion moguls. Nicole heads her own fashion and jewelry lines, Winter Kate and House
of Harlow, and Jessica has her own fashion empire which includes dresses, shoes, tops,
bottoms, and handbags – the works!

But Nicole and Jessica aren't the only celebs who've quit their day jobs for the glamorous
world of fashion, let's check out a few other stars that are making a name for themselves
one seam at a time.

Mary- Kate & Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen joined the television show Full House when they were just 9
months old. While audiences immediately fell in love with the adorable twins and their cute
catchphrases ("You got it, dude"), no one could have possibly imagined then that these star
siblings would one day put their acting careers on hold to build what is today a $1 billion
dollar fashion empire. Thanks to three separate clothing lines, The Row, Elizabeth and
James, and Olsenboye, 25 year old MK & Ash have become two of the most respected names
in the fashion industry.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham may have rose to fame as Posh Spice in the UK all-girl band, The Spice
Girls, but those days are a thing of the past. Today the mother of four and wife of soccer
hottie David Beckham is best recognized for her killer sense of style and her role as
a successful designer for her growing brand. The Victoria Beckham label, and those
incredible figure-hugging dresses, have scored rave reviews from fashion designers and
magazine editors alike, and attracted loyal celeb fans such as Kim Kardashian, Kate Winslet,
Demi Moore and Cheryl Cole. In November, Beckham cemented her place in the industry
when she was awarded the Designer Brand of the Year award by designer Marc Jacobs at
the British Fashion Awards.

Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe is the real reason so many stars look so good on the red carpet. As a celebrity
stylist, she has worked with the biggest names in the biz (Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendez and
Anne Hathaway) but it wasn't until she landed her own reality show on Bravo in 2008 that
she became a household name and a celeb herself. While we all watched this fashionista
go "bananas" for other designer's duds, it was clear that this smart business woman was
no longer gonna be happy staying behind racks. So Zoe took on the role of designer and
launched her own clothing line in 2011, creating stylish pieces for real women to wear.
With her first runway show (for her third collection) under her Chanel belt, Zoe is set to
add jewelry and accessories to her upcoming fall line. Can you say Maj-or?!

Which celeb-turned-designer do you dig the most?
Nicole Richie3 (25.0%)
Jessica Simpson2 (16.7%)
Rachel Zoe1 (8.3%)
Victoria Beckham1 (8.3%)
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen5 (41.7%)

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