Justin Bieber on Ryan Seacrest: 'Boyfriend,' Summer Tour and More! (VIDEO)

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Watch Justin Bieber in this 'On Air with Ryan Seacrest' video that was live streamed earlier today.

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Watch Justin Bieber in this 'On Air with Ryan Seacrest' video that was live streamed earlier today.

Justin talks with Ryan Seacrest about his new single, 'Boyfriend,' which is currently burning up iTunes and well on its way to becoming a mega hit.

Justin talks about how his sound is more mature now - it seems like he's moving on to a new phase in his career and, of course, his fans are more than happy to come along for the ride!

It's also important to note that Bieber is planning to tour very soon - beginning sometime this summer. After his album comes out, he'll start rehearsing, so tour dates can't be far behind.

One fan asks Justin if he ever gets tired. He jokes "I'm actually a robot," but is quick to note that last night he got a lot of rest because he would be on Ryan's show. Good boy.

Another fan asks if there will be a sequel to 'Never Say Never' and he doesn't discount it, plus there are some funny suggestions about the name for the sequel: 'Never Say Never... Ever.'

Seacrest asks if another fragrance is in the works too and Justin shares that there will be "a branch off" of his 'Someday' perfume.

Justin's album, 'Believe,' is set to come out in June and he tells Seacrest, "It's like... it's kind of classic, I feel," noting that "the music is very fresh." He says it's really inspired by old R&B, Michael Jackson and old pop.

Overall, he calls his new album "pretty special."

As for the first single, 'Boyfriend,' Justin says he "wrote the whole thing" and it's a representation of him.

Now that Justin is 18, Ryan got him a Costco membership (too funny), plus Bieber shared that he also got a year free Chipotle burrito card!


Ryan asks if Justin has seen 'The Hunger Games,' and despite his best intentions, he actually said he fell asleep because it was really late and he had worked hard that day!

Seacrest asks Justin if he wants to play roles in films and he shares, "We're working on scripts right now," including something in the works with Mark Wahlberg.

As for girlfriend Selena Gomez, she's currently filming 'Spring Breakers' and Justin says, "She's killing it... she's really excited."

He adds, "It's a pretty wild movie, especially for her," adding that "she's going out of her element... this is older and she's really excited about it."

What does he do to kill the time while he's away from Sel? Work, of course!


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