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I am so excited to feature one of my favorite non-profit pals, Kendall Ciesemier, the founder of Kids Caring 4 Kids!


I am so excited to feature one of my favorite non-profit pals, Kendall Ciesemier, the founder of Kids Caring 4 Kids!

What is Kids Caring 4 Kids?

Kids Caring 4 Kids (KC4K) is a 501(c)3 non-profit that raises money and awareness for highly vulnerable children in Africa by inspiring youth worldwide to care for others in need. Since its founding, Kids Caring 4 Kids has grown to support eight projects in four countries in Africa, helping better the lives of nearly 7,000 Africans, by inspiring over 7,000 kids to raise nearly one million dollars. We have built a dormitory, an orphan care center, and a community center, as well as provided over 400 specially built bikes, indoor plumbing, school supplies, medical care, healthy meals and water wells.

Why were you inspired to start Kids Caring 4 Kids?

I was inspired in December of 2003 by watching an Oprah Winfrey Christmas Special highlighting the plight of African AIDS orphans. I couldn't believe what I saw and the fact that all of this was going on just across the ocean. I knew I needed to help. I kept imagining myself, 11-year-old Kendall Ciesemier, alone, living in a mud hut, caring for my younger siblings and grieving the death of my parents. Having experienced struggle in my own life, their pain resonated with me and I was in awe of what appeared to be their unwavering hope.

What has been the biggest lesson you're learned from running Kids Caring 4 Kids?

The biggest lesson I've learned from Kids Caring 4 Kids is that one heart action can develop into something, a movement that can create a snowball effect of change beyond all imagination. It's all about the first small action... major societal change and movements grow from a pure heart action.

Do you have three tips to help young people make a difference when they don't know where to start?

Well, if you are passionate about Africa, we'd love to have you help Kids Caring 4 Kids! Visit our website at for ways to get involved or shoot me an email at

If you are looking to make a difference outside of Kids Caring 4 Kids I would say that the best place to start is asking yourself these questions:

1. What am I passionate about?

2. What are my talents?

3. Is there a way I can unite these two?

Think about what you are good at and what you love. Everyone has talents to give and you will make the most difference giving those talents to something you are deeply passionate about. Also, don't feel pressure to start your own effort. I think being in the founder position is overrated and that if there is some organization out their doing work that you love, work with them!


How can we stay connected with you online?

Twitter: @kciesemier, @kidscaring4kids
Facebook: like our Kids Caring 4 Kids page

Visit our website:
Email me:


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