Khloe Kardashian No Longer Supporting PETA

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Little sister of the year goes to Khloe Kardashian! She totally has Kim's back on this "flour bombing" incident that happened last week.

The person who "antiqued" Kim Kardashian was a well-known activist for PETA. Kim decided to press charges against the lady after the whole thing went down saying that the activist shouldn't get away with assault.

PETA made a statement after the incident saying that they were backing up the flour thrower and were down to pay for her court fees. So why does PETA dislike Kim so much? Because she wears animal fur.

So that's what they do right? Right, BUT there's one little problem...Khloe is a well-known activist for PETA too. She's mad and saying that PETA basically condoned this lady to assault her sister, something she's totally not down with.

Khloe released a statement about PETA saying that bullying is a big issue to her too and the way they're going about things is wrong in her eyes and that she no longer supports them. Ouch!

What do you think?

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