Teen Savvy Blog: Get To Know Skye Townsend

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Music, fashion, photography and acting all make Skye Townsend a quadruple threat. Daughter of famed film director Robert Townsend, the 18 year old is busy working hard at perfecting her crafts and creating her own celebrity.

I had the chance to ask the rising star a few questions recently discussing a few of her many talents. It was quite interesting to find out what she has in store without revealing too much about certain future endeavors.

Teen Savvy: What is the story behind your next single "Frankenstein" and when can the world expect to hear it?

Skye: I will probably be releasing it in March along with a few other records. When the song drops I plan on telling everyone the full story of how it really came about.

TS: Will there be a mixed tape or possibly an album coming out this year?

Skye: There will be an EP coming very soon.

TS: You do amazing Beyonce and Nicki Minaj. impersonations is there any chance that you will do comedy in the future?

Skye: I'm already working on acting and how I can incorporate all of the characters that I do. Look out for that!

TS: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Skye: I draw inspiration from my everyday life and my friends' lives. I think that when it comes to art, the more honest that the art is the more relatable it will be. I try to use real life events in my music as much as I can.

TS: How would you describe your musical and fashion styles?

Skye: They're both old school inspired. I love bohemian and vintage styles. I am a huge fan of Lisa Bonet and Persia White. I try to remain comfortable but still funky. Musically, I love incorporating different genres. I'm a huge fan of tribal sounds and world music.

TS: You pretty much created your own opportunity through posting videos on YouTube, what are your views of the influence social networking has on the industry?

Skye: I think it all is a gift and a curse. Social networking has made it very easy for non-artists to become artists. In this day and age, everything is accessible. However, the true artists will always stand out but it can be frustrating. For me personally, the internet has been an amazing blessing and I can't wait to see where technology goes in the future.

TS: Anything else you would like to say about your upcoming projects without giving away too much?

Skye: MARCH will be a big month. :)

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