Tim Tebow Invites Both Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron to Charity Event

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Dianna Agron, Taylor Swift, Tim Tebow
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Gah, he's gorgeous. And apparently we aren't the only ones who thinks so!

Last week rumors started swirling that the newly traded Jet's quarterback, cutie Tim Tebow was diggin' both Taylor Swift and 'Glee' star Dianna Agron. He was spotted getting coffee with Taylor awhile back and there were reports that he was totally "smitten" with Dianna after meeting her. So he's not too shy with the ladies, eh?

It gets even better, now it's being reported that Tim has invited both girls to his
Tim Tebow Foundation Charity Golf Tournament on April 14 in Ponte Vedra, Fl.


Soooo, what happens if both girls show up? What happens if neither show up? What if just Taylor does or vice versa? Either way, this could be a sticky situation.

So you know we have to ask...

Tim Tebow Should Date...
Taylor Swift, she's innocent and he's a good boy...perfection!73 (64.6%)
Dianna Agron, she's totally cute and sweet...just like him!40 (35.4%)

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