New 'Glee' Promo, Sneak Peek Spoilers for "Big Brother" Episode (VIDEO)

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Glee returns April 10 with a brand new episode - watch the "Big Brother" promo and behind-the-scenes videos.


'Glee' finally returns April 10 and it promises to be a great new episode.

The 'Glee' "Big Brother" episode features Matt Bomer as Blaine's brother, Cooper (Anderson), with the two sing a duet of Duran Duran songs and 'Somebody That I Used to Know.'

What could be better, really?

(Side note: how dreamy is Matt Bomer?)

Fox has released a new promo for the 'Glee' "Big Brother" spring premiere episode, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at Bomer's role.

Bomer's Cooper character is a struggling actor who appears on "" commercials, but folks in Lima, Ohio think he's a big-time star.

During a visit back home, Cooper somehow ends up teaching an acting class - because, of course, they have to get him in the doors of McKinley somehow.

It looks like he's not much of an acting teacher, which could set up some hilarious situations.

Bomer tells The Hollywood Reporter:

"He's somebody who has really strong convictions and opinions that are completely misguided and ill-founded, but his heart is in right place. He's back in town to rekindle a relationship with his brother, and he really wants to help him and his classmates skip out on some of the flames and arrows of the business that he's had to endure."

He adds, "I wanted to make sure that all the advice and "wisdom" he dispenses to the kids were all founded and based in something. He tells them, "Whatever you do, don't go to New York," because he didn't have a good experience there and wants to save them the heartache of a very difficult business. Unfortunately, the wisdom he's dispensing is really illegitimate and awful."

Bomer explains his character's relationship with Blaine, sharing:

"Like any relationship with brothers, it's complicated and complex. It's a competitive relationship, a loving relationship. He feels a sense of responsibility as an older brother to look out for his younger brother. He also knows that his brother is incredibly talented, maybe more so than he is and he wants to make sure that that talent gets seen in more than just a free credit rating commercial, not that there's anything wrong with that, but he wants more for his brother and he knows he's going to have a lot of success. He wants to help usher him in to that success in the best way he knows how."

As for his character's acting tips? They're pretty shady, as Matt explains:

"Point to whomever you're talking to, especially if it's a dramatic scene, because otherwise the audience isn't going to know who you're talking to and you have to know that you're being very direct, and that's what made movies like 'Schindler's List' really great (laughing). And in comedy, you have to wink to get a laugh out of people. He has all kinds of exercises to warm the kids up, like the "emotional tornado" and things of that ilk. The emotional tornado says a lot about Cooper Anderson in many ways.' Are you looking forward to 'Glee's' return on April 10?


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