Adele Signed On To Do 'Bond' Movie Theme Song (VIDEO)

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Adele gives details about new music and recording a theme song for a popular movie. Adele has seriously taken the last year by storm. Now, we totally can't wait for her to release some new music. Unfortunately, she has shot down these hopes by saying a new album will take at least two years for her to record. Makes sense though, she does write her own music!

She admits she wants to "live a little" now, hey, she is only 23 years old. But, luckily, to hold us over, she has given details about a song she plans to release soon.

Yep, the songstress admits that she's recording the theme song for the new 'Bond' film, 'Skyfall,' which is set to be released later this year.


Is Adele a good choice for the new 'Bond' movie theme song?
Of course! She's amazing.88 (95.7%)
Not really.4 (4.3%)

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