Jennifer Lawrence Responds: Critics Said She Was Too Fat for 'Hunger Games'

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Some critics said Jennifer Lawrence was too fat to play Katniss in 'The Hunger Games.' Jennifer responds.


From the ridiculous files comes the critique that Jennifer Lawrence was too fat for her role in 'The Hunger Games.'

Yeah, we know it's crazy too, but there were critics who noted Jennifer was too curvy to be Katniss, since the character would be starving and emaciated.

Critics can be cruel, for sure, but Jennifer isn't concerned about their digs on her weight. After all, why should she worry - 'The Hunger Games' kicked and continues to kick butt at the box office.

We love that Jennifer represents a more normal body type, plus, in her defense, Katniss is likely to have a little more meat on her bones than other District 12 residents because she's able to hunt and provide food for her family.

The Chicago Suntimes has an article titled "The 'fatness' of Katniss?" that debates the issue, with some insight from Jennifer herself.

Well, the insight comes from a source close to Jennifer, anyway, who spills that she thought it was "hilarious" to be criticized for her weight:

"Jennifer told me, 'This is hilarious. First, people say how so many actresses in Hollywood look anorexic, and now they are criticizing me for looking normal,'" the source shared, noting that Lawrence thought thin body images "are too often adopted by young girls and women - thanks to what they are constantly being shown as being attractive."

Critics need to get a life sometimes, it seems.


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