Watch One Direction on iCarly Behind the Scenes (VIDEO)

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Check out One Direction on 'iCarly!'


Watch One Direction on 'iCarly' - we've got your behind-the-scenes videos and special clips here!

The One Direction focused episode of 'iCarly,' called 'iGo One Direction,' airs Saturday, April 7 at 8 p.m.

In the episode, One Direction performs on the iCarly web show, but Carly, who contracted "jungle worms" on a recent trip, accidentally passes it on to Harry.

It seems Harry loves the attention he gets from Carly and fakes his sickness a bit longer. One Direction has to come up with a plan to get him back in the group, using Gibby!

Gibby plays heavily into the plot, as 1D pretends Gibby is their newest band member!

Of course, One Direction sings 'What Makes You Beautiful' on iCarly - watch it below!

In anticipation of One Direction's guest starring gig on iCarly, has been featuring a 'Daily Direction' series of 1D scoop - check it out!

Meanwhile, the world is smitten with One Direction, as E! Online got the scoop on everyone's 1D infatuation, from the likes of Victoria Justice, Rachel Crow and Chris Colfer.

Victoria Justice told E! at the Kids' Choice Awards: "I think they're awesome. They're supercool. They're super down to earth and I think they're really talented... The fact that they're from the U.K. and have those accents, it's very appealing to a lot of people and they're all supercute guys."

Rachel Crow of 'X Factor' said, "Their songs are in my head all the time. I pretend they're singing to me."

'Glee' star Chris Colfer hit the orange carpet when 1D arrived and because of the screaming, he joked, "Maybe we'll do a One Direction tribute episode."

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