Fashion DIY: Music Festival Jean Shorts

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Hey fashionistas! We don't know if you guys are excited for this summer's upcoming music festivals, but we are! Recently our local fashionista Paige Mueller was asked by Doctrine Denim Jeans and No Subject to represent Cambio at Urban Outfitters Space 15Twenty for the 'DIY-Your-Own-Doctrine' event. For this event, seven bloggers were invited to participate in taking a pair of Doctrine jeans and making them into the perfect music festival jean short. Coachella is right around the corner, so we joined in the fun and made a funky pair of jean shorts perfect for jamming out in the desert!

What you will need before recreating these shorts: A pair of jeans, an old scarf you don't care about cutting up, a pair of scissors, bleach, a paint brush, fabric glue, and a piece of chalk.

First step in recreating the shorts above is to take a pair of jeans and measure out the length you want them to be as shorts. Use a piece of chalk, which is easy to erase if you mess up, and draw a line to cut along. Then, grab a pair of scissors and start chopping those legs off!

After you have the shorts at a proper length, you will grab your scarf, and choose a specific pattern you want to display on your back pockets. Place that area on the back pockets, and begin to cut along the pocket line. Do the same for the other side's pocket.

Take your fabric glue and secure the scarf fabric onto the pockets. Let this sit and dry for anywhere between 2-4 hours. Wait at least 24 hours before you wash the shorts (Or read the directions on the bottle of glue you purchase and abide by those).

Once the glue has dried, make sure you put something down to protect the table. Pour the bleach into a bowl and grab your paint brush. We wanted to create an ombre affect by having the bottom of the shorts at almost white and then fade darker as you go up. So go a lot heavier with the bleach along the bottom of your shorts if you like that. Then just paint up until a certain point, and sprinkle the paint brush over the rest of the shorts to create the splatter affect. For safety purposes, you may want to use gloves to insure you don't get bleach on your skin.

Let the shorts sit out and dry for a couple hours. Once dry, take your scissors and begin to rub them along the raw edges of the jean shorts. This will distress the denim quicker to give it a cool cut off look. Once done, wait a day and then throw them in the wash to get the bleach scent off of them. After, toss them in the dryer on low, which will help distress the raw edges more.

You are now ready to go forth and conquer chicly, one musical festival at a time.

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