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This week I am psyched to introduce you to one of my favorite pro-social hot spots on the Interwebz, MTV Act!


Hi Cambio Readers,

This week I am psyched to introduce you to one of my favorite pro-social hot spots on the Interwebz, MTV Act!

What is MTV Act?

MTV Act is where fist-pumping and lending a helping hand collide. We're all about celebrating what young people are doing to make the world a better place – from anti-bullying projects to college affordability. We also spotlight the actions your favorite singers/actors/guidos are taking to make a difference, too!

My favorite thing about the blog is that it's more than just a blog. I'll explain. Every blog posts ends with 1 or 2 ways to support whatever action that post is about. So it's also a great place to go to not only be in the know about issues, but get involved. Every action counts!

How did you get involved in MTV Act and why are you passionate about social good?

Well, social good and I go wayyyy back.

At 13, I was one of 2,000 youth from around the world honored by UNESCO (and Disney & McDonald's) as a Millennium Dreamer. They flew all 2,000 of us in to DisneyWorld in Florida, honored us in front of our families and all these world leaders – and all I was doing was taking small easy actions in my community!

I volunteered with the elderly, fundraised to build a teen center in my hometown, helped out at the local soup kitchen – things like that. In college, I organized a group of students to travel to south L.A. every week to build a mutual relationship with the young students there. Again, I was just having fun, doing my thing, and L.A. County recognized me as 'Volunteer of the Year.' I enjoyed doing that! And still enjoy doing that! But my career goal was always to work in the music industry. So... here I am! Associate Editor of MTV Act. We were made for each other. I've always had fun with social good, and I was good at organizing young people to have fun with it, too. And with MTV Act, I get my dose of J-Lo, too.

What has been the biggest lesson you're learned from being a part of the MTV Act team?

YOUNG PEOPLE ARE AMAZING! Don't know how else to say that, but like that. I had the privilege to go to the White House a few weeks ago to celebrate the 'Campus Champions of Change.' Wow. Those students were so brilliant, selfless, thoughtful...just great. They're going places!

Do you have three tips to help young people in America make a difference and find their passion?

1. Do your thing. Do what you love. Some things aren't for everyone, and there's no one way to do something, so follow your own path, your own love and passion, and just do your thing. You'll get there.

2. There are no limits, only excuses! You can do anything you put yourself to – anything – until you let the 'ifs' 'ands' or 'buts' get in the way. You don't like the fact that your classmates are picking on each other? Change it. Because you can. (See:

3. Every action counts. You don't have to start a revolution – but often, small ideas and small actions can lead to them. So think very small or think very big, it'll have some impact.

How can we stay connected with you and MTV Act online?

I'm on Twitter and also tweet for MTV Act, so follow there too! If you have something you'd like to see featured on MTV Act, we want to hear from you. Email us at, or tweet us.


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