Watch Demi Lovato E! 'Give Your Heart a Break' Special (VIDEO)

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Watch the full Demi Lovato 'Give Your Heart a Break' special in these videos.

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Watch the full Demi Lovato 'Give Your Heart a Break' special that aired on E!

Demi talked about the song writing process and how personal her songs are to her.

She explained, "Sometimes when I sing my songs, I actually get so into them, I cry onstage."

Lovato explained the meaning of 'Give Your Heart a Break' about "not wanting to break the other person's heart" and "just that you're there to love them."

She said the song isn't about anyone in particular - Demi said she recorded it a couple of years ago when she wasn't in a relationship.

She further explained, "It's a love song, but it's also about having faith in the relationship."

Demi said of her past struggles, "I've been through a lot at a young age and I don't think it's coincidence," adding that she's "an influence on younger girls" and tires to "just be a role model for them."

She talked about sharing her story with girls to help them with the same issues she dealt with and notes, "I'm really blessed and thankful for my fans."

How is Demi doing these days?

"Today, I'm doing really good," she said, but, "it hasn't been the easiest journey."

Demi added, "I'm human I'm gonna have bad days... it's not a perfect life."

She talked about what she's been through and times when she acted "diva-ish" in the past, but after treatment, she realized she might not have the same career.

It really put life in perspective: "Live it to the fullest and do as much as you can for people while you have a voice," she said.

Demi also talked about bullying, saying that a lot of her issues came from being bullied when she was 12 years old.

Demi shared a bit about taking photos for the collage at the end of the 'Give Your Heart a Break' video, which is so cool!

In ten years, Demi said she wants to be married with lots of kids!


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