DIY Fashion: Bedazzled Collar Necklace

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Welcome back fashion DIY-ers! Today we are taking on the popular "collared necklace" trend and showing you how to make it at home with your own design. We are seeing these necklaces everywhere, from peter pan style to what we've done in the video above. So let's get started.

What you will need: a white collared shirt (or any style shirt with a collar you want to bedazzle!), a ruler, a pencil, scissors, fabric glue, rhinestones, and if you want to really get funky like we did, invest in a bedazzler (it's only $20) and some studs to add to your design.

First, you will want to take the scissors and cut the collar of the shirt. We suggest cutting along the natural seem so the collar can properly stand alone in the same manner it did while attached to the shirt.

Now for the design! We wanted to add a little bow onto the collar, in honor of a bow tie. Place your studs and/or rhinestones in the pattern you want on your collar, then mark those spots with a pencil so you know where to stud when you begin bedazzling. We suggest using a ruler so you can really get the proportions right.

After you have created and marked your design, begin gluing down the rhinestones with the fabric glue. Once dry, if you have chosen to use the bedazzler and studs, you may follow up and finish off your necklace with the studs.

We suggest wearing the necklace with a plain t-shirt as a way to dress up your look. And voila! You are now ready to rock this chic look out on the town.

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