Dianna Agron Dating Tim Tebow? She Tells All in 'Good Day New York' Interview (VIDEO)

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Is 'Glee' star Dianna Agron dating Tim Tebow? Dianna responds!


Is 'Glee' star Dianna Agron dating Tim Tebow?

Rumors started to swirl when Tim Tebow invited Dianna Agron and Taylor Swift to a charity event, but Agron says there's no truth to the dating rumors.

In a recent interview with Good Day New York (video), she says nothing is going on with Tebow, noting, "I talked to him for about 10 minutes at a party. He's a very nice guy."

She added, "And if I was in a relationship with him off of a 10 minute conversation, then he better be taking me out to dinner."

During the interview, Dianna Agron also talked about 'Glee' getting the message out not to text and drive, but it was jarring to see her character Quinn get in a car accident.

When asked if Quinn would return to 'Glee,' she said, "I don't know... you have to watch."

Of course, now that we've seen the return of 'Glee,' we know that Quinn did in fact survive, but is now in a wheelchair. She also seems to have a newfound upbeat attitude that is certain to help her overcome her latest challenge.

Dianna also talked about addressing real issues on 'Glee' and trying to "celebrate it all" and "incorporate those issues" into the show to connect to kids.

Dianna also recently spoke with MTV about what's to come for the rest of the season. She shared: "I think it will be fun and interesting for people to keep watching because it's a lot of our last couple of weeks before graduation and it really explores a lot of that, and those feelings and what that entails. I just think that everything that one experiences in that time period is what is going on there. For me, it's nice to know and relive and think about those times."

Dianna Agron: MyFoxNY.com


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