Trey Songz In Legal Battle Over The Word "Yup" (VIDEO)

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Singer Trey Songz and David Hester of 'Storage Wars' are fighting over the rights to the word "Yup," you heard right, singer Trey Songz is fighting against 'Storage Wars' star David Hester over the rights to the word, "yup."

Trey who has used the word in songs and claims he has had the right to the word since 2009 thinks Hester is stomping on his toes by using it on the show 'Storage Wars' constantly and by trying to copyright it too. Hester didn't noticeably start using "yup" on the show until 2011, when he kept yelling "yup" to secure bids on storage bins.

Like the video states, it's all about money and merchandise licensing. But wait, hasn't everyone used the word, "yup," since like...ever?


It looks like things could possibly get messy. Do you think they'll be able to agree like the video suggests?



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