Lada Gaga, Britney Spears Twitter Lovefest

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Lady Gaga and Britney Spears shared a Twitter lovefest - read the tweets!


Lady Gaga and Britney Spears shared a pop diva lovefest on Twitter, exchanging tweets after Gaga posted a pic of a Britney thermos that she's packing for her upcoming tour.

Gaga has been rehearsing for her upcoming Born This Way Ball world tour, which kicks off April 27 in South Korea.

Along the way, she's been sharing some of the pains of prepping for a tour, including the physical pain and the joys of getting her fog machine working.

Lady Gaga hasn't, however, addressed her highly criticized Twitter hashtag #PopStarsDontEat. You know, when she tweeted that she was eating a salad, but wished it was a cheeseburger?

Gaga tweeted recently: "Off to rehearsal! Running the show, my muscles hurt today. #NoPainNoGlory"

Later she asked: "So what are monsters expecting at the Born This Way Ball? #AtTheBTWBalliWant"

As for that fog snafu, she wrote: "You know there's something wrong with you when you call a tour meeting only about 'fog.' It's serious people."

She added, "Worse comes to worse ill just fog myself in the corner during Bad Romance"

So how does Britney Spears fit into all of this? While Gaga rattled off the items she was packing for her trip: "Bandana. Check. Leather Jacket. Check. Machine gun. Check. Pushup bra. Check. Yep. All packed!," she added, "ah yes! May also need to pack my Britney thermos (yes I have one)"

Lady Gaga tweeted a pic of Britney's face on her special cup, tweeting: "Real fans never turn their back on you #WillAlwaysLoveBritney Some stars really are as sweet as you thought they were"

Britney returned the love, tweeting: "Wonder what @LadyGaga keeps in that thermos??? Cant WAIT to see you on tour. MISS YOU!!!"

So cool!

Plus, check this out: MTV has a pic of what may be the Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball stage - it looks like a pretty elaborate (and epic) castle!


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