Dave Matthews Helping Out President Obama's Campaign?

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Dave Matthews and President Obama are BFFs? Not only will they be at the same fundraiser but also on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"


Dave Matthews and President Obama are BFFs? Okay, maybe in our world, but they do have something going on for sure!

President Obama is taking a trip to Seattle next month and he's making a pit stop for lunch at the Paramount Theatre. Dave Matthews will be performing there.

This whole event is going down May 10th
and will cost at least $100 for balcony seating and $1,000 for general admission, according to the Obama campaign website. Got mad dough? You can drop $5,000 for a photo reception with the president.

So where's the money from all of this going? It's being split between Obama's re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

There are no more released details on the event and no public appearances have been announced.

Dave and President Obama will also be on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon next Tuesday.

Hmmm, coincidence much?

Either way, Dave Matthews Band fans are excited to see what Dave's going to play on the show. The band's new album is due sometime this year and everyone's excited for the new single.

It makes sense that Dave is an Obama fan. He's all about going green, equality in marriage, freedom and being happy!

Get more DMB news here and check out their "green" tour this summer!


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