Demi Lovato Alludes to Cocaine Struggle

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Woah, did Demi Lovato deal with a drug addiction too? Wow! It's sad to hear this but awesome to see her back in action.

Our girl Demi Lovato recently alluded to the UK's Fabulous mag that cocaine use was one of the issues that sent her to rehab back in 2010.

Demi says that restaurant and club owners would load her up on drugs when she'd visit. They wanted her to be happy and keep coming back to their place of business and apparently that did the job.

Pshh, who does that?!

When she'd go back to her hotel room, she'd be lonely and would also be coming down from the drugs. She reveals that she'd want to keep the high of performing on stage.

We're glad Demi can openly talk about it now. We're sad to hear she went through this but happy to see she's made her way out!

You go girl!


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