Jennifer Lawrence Shows Off Katniss 'Hunger Games' Archery Skills

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Watch Jennifer Lawrence show off her 'Hunger Games' archery skills in this Spanish talk show video. Jennifer Lawrence's archery skills in 'The Hunger Games' are the real deal.

Jennifer's training with an Olympic archer paid off, and not just with movie magic.

Check out Jennifer Lawrence in this video clip from a Spanish talk show El Hormiguero, where her bow and arrow skills were put to the test with a little archery challenge.

Of course, it's just plastic bows and suction cup arrows being shot at moving human targets, but there's still skill involved!

Jennifer Lawrence's turn as Katniss Everdeen has definitely created a huge interest in archery.

In other words, Katniss and 'The Hunger Games' made archery cool.

Archery bow sales have increased and archery lessons and action on the ranges has also seen an uptick in interest, with more girls taking a look at the sport as well.

The National Archery in the Schools Program reports that more than 2 million school kids take part in gym class archery as part of the program, with the organization's president, Roy Grimes noting, "There's a lot of buzz among young people about archery right now. They want to shoot bows and arrows so badly they're willing to follow the rules."

As if 'The Hunger Games' wasn't enough to get people interested in archery, the summer Olympics features the sport as well.

Denise Parker, CEO of USA Archery, notes, "We're thrilled with the awareness and the excitement that 'The Hunger Games' has brought to the sport of archery."

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