Which 'Victorious' Star Got a Tattoo on Her Foot?

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One 'Victorious' star is the proud owner of a tattooed heart... on her toe!

Ariana Grande Twitter

One 'Victorious' star is the proud owner of a tattooed heart... on her toe!

Ariana Grande shared her new tattoo with fans on Twitter over the weekend, tweeting about why she got the ink and even sharing a video of her getting it done.

Ariana also gave fans just a small sample of her new song, called (appropriately enough) 'Tattooed Heart.'


Ariana started by teasing fans on Twitter: "Hi! I have something fun to tell you guys... :)"

She added, "This has been 1 of the happiest & most enlightening years 4 me, and I felt like I wanted to do something special to remind me of this time..

..writing my 1st album, working with my castmates & best friends on Victorious, being young, having fun & being surrounded by love.. so.. <3"

Ariana explained: "I wanted to do something permanent to remind me to always be grateful & not take anything for granted so.. I got a little tattoo :)

Lol! It's on my 2nd toe and it's a little heart. Also, 1 of my favorite songs I've written on my album is called "Tattooed Heart".. :)

It's very small but it means a lot to me! Want to see a video of how it all happened? <3"

Then she shared the video, with a "tiny surprise," she explained, "bc I can't wait any longer 4 y'all 2 hear a tiny something."

Ariana added the first few seconds of her song 'Tatooed Heart' at the end of the tattoo video, noting, "I hope I don't get in trouble. Hehe"

She explained more about why she got the tattoo: "It all happened when I was recording a duet w @Skysnuts (LMFAO).. His friend came to the studio & gave us tattoos! Video is posting now!! :]"

Overall, she tweeted the next day, "I promise I'm still the same old me. :) Just with a [heart] on my toe," adding that "it didn't hurt too bad."

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Listen to Ariana Grande's 'Put Your Hearts Up.'

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