What Does Justin Bieber Wear to Bed? Less Than You Think!

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Justin Bieber shares what he wears to sleep and says he's a great cuddler!


If you've ever wondered what Justin Bieber wears to sleep, wonder no more!

In a recent interview with Australia's 96.9 Nova radio station, Justin revealed that he doesn't wear much at all to bed.

He doesn't sleep nude either - rather, Justin likes to wear only his boxers.

Justin shared, "I sleep in my boxers."

No pajama bottoms, no t-shirt - just the underwear, folks.

Justin also spilled a couple of his favorite movies, including the legendary 'Rocky' and the Will Ferrell comedy 'Step Brothers.'

Plus, he confirms he's a good cuddler! No doubt Selena Gomez agrees (though she found their Kiss Cam moment "humiliating," go figure).

Justin was also asked the scariest moment of his life... turns out it was when he went bungee jumping in Cabo.

Living on the edge.

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