Mila Kunis Denies "Mashton" Dating Rumors

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So are they or aren't they dating? Mila sets it straight First it was Rihanna now Mila Kunis?

Rumors have been flying since good pals Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis (ahem, Mashton) were spotted out and about together looking a little well, too friendly.

In a recent interview with Extra, Mila totally shot down the Mashton rumors, just like Rihanna did awhile back, by saying they were totally "absurd." She continued with saying that, "a friend is a friend."

Okay, so they're just friends. Didn't people also think she was dating Justin Timberlake at one time? And isn't he engaged now? Hmmm.

What do you guys think?

Are Mila and Ashton dating?
No, I think she made it pretty clear.84 (23.5%)
Probably, she's just covering it up.66 (18.4%)
Who cares!208 (58.1%)

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